Edible Garden City sales@ediblegardencity.com Singapore Edible Garden City champions the "Grow Your Own Food" movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore

Bjorn Low

Trained in Biodynamic agriculture, Bjorn spent the last half decade working on organic farms around Europe, before returning to Singapore with a wealth of farming experience.

Areas of expertise:
Horticulture, Biodynamic Agriculture, Foodscaping

Rob Pearce

Rob was brought up in an English farm and comes from a long line of builders and farmers. He built farms, show gardens and won medals at Bath West Garden Show. Prior to Singapore, he worked as a farm manager on the organic farming estate of a celebrity.

Areas of expertise:
Construction & Design, Farming

Thomas Lim

Thomas returned back home to Singapore after eight years in the US and Hong Kong. He was in finance his previous life. He started farming on a small rented plot in Hong Kong and has worked on organic farms across SE Asia. He is trained in permaculture by Sandot Sukkaew of Tacomepai Thailand.

Areas of expertise:
Permaculture, Urban Beekeeping

Donald Tan

As an experienced project manager, Donald helps to instils some order within the creative chaos of the team. He is an avid runner and can be seen greeting fellow joggers around Punggol every morning. Donald grew up as a barefoot kampong boy and brings the jungle to his flat with a fantastic corridor green wall and some birds.

Areas of expertise:
Project management, Horticulture

Uncle Lim

The most experienced horticulturist on our team, Uncle Lim spent a big part of his life working with medicinal plants, Mr Lim manages a few food gardens for schools and works with autistic kids at Pathlight managing and teaching them the art of organic farming

Areas of expertise:

Imran Hassan

Graduated with a degree in Business (Marketing), Imran went on to develop communities as a Constituency Manager with People's Association. Following that, he spent the next two years gaining experience in construction and volunteering on sustainable organic farms in the tropical climate of SE Asia. He is a certified Permaculture Designer

Areas of expertise:
Permaculture, Design/Sustainable living, Urban Landscaping and Social work/Community Development


Like everyone else, Suekay has been pursuing a healthier lifestyle all along. A US farm visit in 2013 has been a turning point - she found her passion in urban farming. She volunteered with Edible Garden City for a few projects before joining as a full time urban farmer. She now manages the retail arm - NONG by Edible Garden City.

Areas of expertise:
Edible Microgreens

Tham Siang Yu

Siang Yu feels a strong connection with nature and enjoys green landscapes. She has worked on organic farms in France. Moving back to Singapore, she hopes to bring agriculture as well as the respect for food and the environment back to the urban community.

William Teo

A Graphic Designer by training, William has a keen interest in design and all things beautiful. After 15 years serving the nation, William has embarked on a journey through nature by growing herbs and food plants. He wants to share the knowledge of gardening to others and help them lead a rewarding life close to nature. William wants to leave the world a better place when he moves on.