Edible Garden City sales@ediblegardencity.com Singapore Edible Garden City champions the "Grow Your Own Food" movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore


Foodscaping, or edible landscaping, is the combination of food production and landscaping. We grow on soil, rooftops, courtyards, walkways, and any place with sunlight. Our gardens work doubly hard to be both productive and pretty. We use herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees to create a landscape that you can munch on!

Our Clients:
Artichoke Cafe, Marina Bay Sands, Fairmont Hotel, Jamie's Italian, NUS, Canadian International School, Open Farm Community, etc.

Food Production

We supply naturally grown produce that might not be available commercially. Taste the freshness of zero food miles. Edible flowers, microgreens, wild forage, and mushrooms are some to name. Food gardens need the care of gardeners to be both aesthetic and productive. We have experience maintaining a range of food gardens at 5-star hotels, restaurants, and schools.

Our Clients:
Open Farm Community, Tippling Club, Wheelock Place, Raffles City, Spectra Secondary School, etc.


We are seeding the knowledge of food growing in schools. It is important to us because these students will be the stewards of the earth long after we are gone. We work with children of different ages and can tailor the curriculum to cater to your objectives. We believe that children are more likely to eat the greens that they grow.

Our Clients:
Spectra Secondary School, Pathlight School, SJI International School, United World College, SMU, etc.


Our team has worked on a wide variety of events from retail pop-ups to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs to organizational team bonding. Speak to us if you have any funky ideas. A dose of nature will always bring smiles after all. We also hold workshops on farming-related topics like organic farming, foraging, composting, beekeeping, permaculture, etc.

Our Clients:
Growell Pop-up @ Rowell Road, Nong Pop-up @ People's Park Complex, CSR for Scripps Networks, Event at Capella Hotel for Straits Wine Company, Team Bonding for SMRT, Staff Engagement for NUS, etc.


We can help you start your very own urban farm. Our gardening supplies retail under Nong and include seeds, potting mix, and tools.

Check them out at our Nong website, and Nong Youtube.


We do urban beekeeping in Singapore! We partner with the wild native bees and place hives around Singapore. We help aspiring beekeepers set up hives at their premises. We also do bee rescues so let us know if you spot bees around the island. Instead of calling pest control to kill them, we can put them in a nice and cosy hive. We have a limited stock of raw honey for retail as well.

Check out our beekeeping efforts at Plan Bee.