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Edible Garden City

60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375

Come via Margaret Drive at Queenstown.

Nearest MRT: Queenstown

(East West Line)

Nearest Bus Stop: Queenstown Public Library or Opposite Queenstown Public Library

(Buses 32 and 122)


Not open to the public except during tours, workshops and volunteer sessions.


For events, workshops and venue hires only:

Email: learn@ediblegardencity.com

Text: +65 8817 4054

(weekdays 1000 -1800 hours)

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Check out our FOODSCAPE page to view some of the edible gardens we have built and maintained.

Pop by our HAPPENINGS page to find out about all our upcoming events that you can take part in!

Keen to get your hands on a box of farm-fresh produce grown and harvested specially for you? Head on over to our CITIZEN BOX page to sign up now!


fresh, delicious, AND
most importantly local!

Farm-fresh produce, grown and harvested specially for you at our urban farm in the heart of Singapore. Sustainably grown, pesticide-free greens, herbs, flowers and fruits that support local urban farmers and create jobs for socially disadvantaged people.


At Citizen Farm, we are working towards a zero-waste model of urban farming that brings all of us together. By getting a Citizen Box, you are helping to create a healthier and more inclusive way of farming, and making a sustainable future possible for generations to come.


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What is Citizen Farm?

We are a sustainable closed-loop urban farm that integrates natural systems with modern technology. We aim to build a more robust and sustainable urban farming model for the world at large, and to produce fresh, safe and tasty greens for our community.


where and how are all the vegetables grown?

We take pride in growing and sourcing safe and responsibly-grown food for our customers. We would never give you something that we ourselves will not eat. Most of the produce in your box is  at our farm in Queenstown, Singapore, and as part of your subscription, you will be invited to an exclusive subscriber-only tour. This way, you can see for yourself how we grow our vegetables, and connect with our dedicated and passionate farmers. These tours happen roughly once every 3 months.

The produce that we grow is complemented by locally and regionally-sourced fruits and vegetables. We visit all the farms we work with and get to know the farmers and owners, choosing to partner only with the ones with safe and responsible practices. Primarily, we look for farms that do not use chemical pesticides, and that keep an eye on their environmental impact. We also prefer to support small, local farmers that champion heirloom varieties, as we believe that we should support their unwavering commitment to their crop. In keeping with our mantra of reducing food waste, we also prefer to source for excess produce - meaning perfectly good fruits or vegetables that would go to waste otherwise - instead of asking farmers to clear space and ramp up their production just for us.

How much is Citizen Box?

For a 12-week subscription, each box is $40 per week. For an 8-week subscription, each box costs $45 a week. Up front payment required. Delivery is available at a $13.50 surcharge (per delivery). A one-time $20 fee is required for two Citizen Box insulated cooler bags to keep you produce safe and fresh. All prices listed here are before GST unless stated otherwise.

Repeat subscribers who already have the two cooler bags in good condition will not need to buy new ones. But, if you prefer to have more bags in rotation, they are available for purchase at $10 each (non-subscriber price = $15).

Can I use my own cooler bags?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate other cooler bags, as our Citizen Box bags are custom-made to accommodate the amount and size of our produce and boxes.  In addition, our special needs colleagues will be helping with the packaging of Citizen Box. The uniformity of the boxes will smoothen the process greatly, ensuring that the veggies get to you in the soonest possible time after they are harvested.

what is the delivery process?

As part of the subscription, you have purchased two cooler bags. Your produce will be packed into these cooler bags, to ensure that they are kept as fresh as possible on their journey to your home.


Each week, we will pack your produce into a cooler bag, to be delivered right to your doorstep by our courier partner. The two bags will be used in alternation. Here's how it works:


  • Week 1: Bag A is filled with produce, and delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Week 2: Bag B is delivered, and our courier will collect the empty Bag A from you at the same time.

  • Week 3: Bag A is delivered, and the empty Bag B is collected.

  • And so on...

Alternatively, you can return the same bag that the produce has arrived in immediately. Rest assured that your bags will be tagged, and will only be used for your deliveries, and nothing else. In the spirit of "reduce, reuse, and recycle", we also encourage you to wash and return any plastic boxes for another delivery cycle.

do you use plastic packaging?

Right now, we still use plastic packaging. We are looking into using bio-plastic, as we've tried starch, cellulose and other types of bags but have not been able to find a material that keeps the produce quite as well as plastic does. As an ongoing measure, we encourage our subscribers to return the boxes to be cleaned and reused. 

can i use my own plastic boxes?

Yes you can! Bring them over during your pick ups, and we can do a direct transfer of the vegetables into your containers! However, for delivery, we will use our containers as want to be sure that they arrive at your home in the best possible state. All containers can be returned for reuse though! 

how DO I use the veggies?

Each week, as part of your subscription, you will receive a weekly newsletter with recipes as well as storage and usage information for the veggies in your box. And, if you're keen to share what you do with your veggies, we'd love to feature your recipes! Send them over and we can include your  creations in our weekly newsletter - whether they're simple, one-ingredient dishes, or a rainbow bowl filled to the brim with goodies.

Who are the farmers at Citizen Farm?

We are a team of ex-professionals seeking a more natural and sustainable lifestyle, retirees, part timers, students, volunteers, and adults with special needs who have been equipped with urban farming skills by Edible Garden City. We have big dreams for the future of farming in Singapore, and we hope that you will join us on our journey.


Can I visit the farm?

Yes! We hold regular events and open houses at our farm at 60 Jalan Penjara. You can also find us at farmers’ markets and events around Singapore. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.


We can also host private events, tours, talks, workshops and retreats at our farm: get in touch with us at learn@ediblegardencity.com 

We are however unable to host casual visits as we are a fully operational farm and need all hands on deck to grow your food. If you would like to recce our site, please ping us at the above email address and we will arrange for a meeting with you!

If you are interested in volunteering with us or even joining us part/full-time, please let us know when you can come at this link, or email us at hello@ediblegardencity.com .

how will i know when my subscription will start?

After making payment, we will contact you with the earliest possible commencement date; you will be able to select any collection/delivery date from that day on. In the event of a waiting list, open spots will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

We have new farming plans coming to fruition (pun intended; hehe)!  We are significantly scaling up production, so we hope to share our tasty greens with everyone interested in Citizen Box as soon as possible!

i will be away. can i pause my subscription?

Please contact us and we will work something out with you!

i have an irregular schedule. can i adjust my subscription to fit it or do i have to receive the box for 8/12 straight weeks?

Please contact us and we will work something out with you!

Can I make changes to my order?

We welcome any feedback! Let us know what you like and don't like, and we will try our best to adjust production accordingly. While you may be familiar with some of the veggies in Citizen Box, others may be new to you. To help you experiment, we will be including recipes and ideas on how to prepare the produce each week. Currently, we are unable to cater to individual requests. But as we increase production, we hope to provide an even greater variety in our box. 

Changes to self collection & delivery schedule

Sure! Please let us know a week before your desired delivery or pick-up. For example, if you wish to change your delivery from Saturday to Wednesday, please drop us a note by the previous Wednesday to inform us of the change. 

Change in delivery mode, from self collection to delivery

Sure! While we cannot make any promises, we will try to make it happen. If we are able to arrange for the change, do note that you will have to top up $15 per delivery for fewer than 12 deliveries (upfront payment required for the remainder of the subscription period). If you are unable to collect the box and require ad hoc delivery for the week, please inform us a week in advance and we will arrange delivery for you. An additional surcharge of $18 will apply per ad hoc delivery. 

Change in delivery mode, from delivery to self collection

Sure! Please let us know which self collection slot works for you. However, we are unable to refund you for the unused deliveries as this will have already been paid to our delivery partner. 

I am unable to collect my box or receive the delivery this week. What do I do?

If you are unable to receive or collect the Citizen Box for the week, you can gift it to someone else (self-collection or delivery). We are unable to give you a make up box or refund the missed week.


how do i open a collection point near my home?

We are all about reducing our carbon footprint, while making collection of the Citizen Box convenient for our customers. Hence, if you are able to host the box collection for a cluster of your neighbours (3 or more), we would love to bring you in as a Citizen Box community leader. We'll even throw in some perks for you! :)
Why do I need to pay the full amount upfront?

The upfront payment enables us to buy seeds, soil and other materials needed to grow the produce for your Citizen Box. We understand that it is a commitment on your part to pledge the full fee upfront, and we assure you that we are similarly dedicated to giving you the freshest and high-quality produce for the entire harvest season.

why is the delivery fee collected upfront?

Upfront payment for delivery is required, as it helps us to plan the logistical resources, and keeps the delivery fee lower. If you have chosen to pick up your box during your subscription, but require ad hoc delivery, please contact us and we may be able to arrange delivery for you. An additional surcharge of $18 will apply per delivery. 


We strive for 100% satisfaction with your box but if there are certain circumstances that force you to cancel, please let us know!


If you have a friend who would like to take over your subscription, you can transfer it to them for self collection. Additional delivery charges may be incurred for a change of delivery address on the subscription. Alternatively, you can donate the rest of your subscription, or simply forfeit it – we’ll figure out what to do with the produce.

I am unable to commit to the programme, but would still like to purchase your produce. How can I do that?

We regularly sell our produce at farmer's markets around Singapore. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram to be updated with the latest happenings. See you there!

Can I farm at your farm?

We’re glad you are interested in farming with us! We don’t have any gardening allotments to lease out, but if you are interested in starting out a small urban farming business, please send a proposal to farm@ediblegardencity.com and we will get in touch with you.

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