From the very beginning, chefs have been our most ardent supporters. There was and still is a growing movement of restaurants wanting to get closer to their food producers. In Singapore, where over 90% of our food is imported, we provide that direct connection to herbs, edible flowers, and micro-greens that chefs crave so much. 


Our partners no longer need to fly temperate produce all the way from Europe and Australia only to see that it is not exactly what they want. We help them grow it in their backyard, or in our gardens in sustainable, 100% pesticide free conditions. Currently, we work closely with over 40 restaurants and bars in Singapore to make their visions come true and deliver maximum impact for them and their customers.

Some of them are: 1 Altitude, 1- Garage, Summerhouse, Alma, Restaurant Andre, Artichoke Cafe, Bistro November, Chef’s Table, Cure, Ding Dong, DSTLLRY, Juice Junkie, Maggie Joan’s, Moosehead, Morsels, Open Farm Community, Pen&Inc, Smoke & Mirrors, Street Cooks, Sunday Folks, Super Loco, The Halia, Tippling Club, Zott’s, Atom, Pixie Bar.

We sell our produce through our sustainable farming model - CITIZEN FARM.

So click below to check out our produce catalogue and click here to visit the Citizen Farm website to find out more.




We not only try to cut down our food miles, but our beauty miles as well! We grow, extract and dry the goodness and active ingredients from our flowers and herbs to for skin care and beauty products. 

We grow calendula, purple snap dragon, mint, rosemary and a whole array of other beneficial flowers and herbs on rooftops and gardens all over Singapore that go into creams, elixirs and lotions. 

We currently supply to our partners at Spa Esprit for use in their beauty salons. But very soon we’ll be launching our own range of products. Contact us if you like to find out more!

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We are located at:

Edible Garden City

60 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149375

Come via Margaret Drive at Queenstown.

Nearest MRT: Queenstown

(East West Line)

Nearest Bus Stop: Queenstown Public Library or Opposite Queenstown Public Library

(Buses 32 and 122)


Not open to the public except during tours, workshops and volunteer sessions.


For events, workshops and venue hires only:

Email: learn@ediblegardencity.com

Text: +65 8817 4054

(weekdays 1000 -1800 hours)

Submit: Enquiry Form

We will get back to you within 3 working days.

For other enquiries:

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Check out our FOODSCAPE page to view some of the edible gardens we have built and maintained.

Pop by our HAPPENINGS page to find out about all our upcoming events that you can take part in!

Keen to get your hands on a box of farm-fresh produce grown and harvested specially for you? Head on over to our CITIZEN BOX page to sign up now!


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