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Finding the Right Soil for Our Plants Workshop

January 31, 2020

Plants are like us, they need a safe space to live, water to drink, and food to eat. And what we eat is very important. For health and wellness, a balanced diet is best. Same goes for our plants.


In this workshop, jointly organized by Edible Garden City and Insecttafind out how to create the right soil mix for your plants, and how black soldier fly poop might be the solution to your plant problems.

Black soldier flies are farming’s unsung heroes. They are unfussy about the food waste they consume, and their poop makes great fertilizer! Insectta, the brains behind Singapore’s first insect farm, will conduct a seminar on insect farming and its role in the future of agriculture. The session includes an exclusive tour of the Insectta facility, and a hands-on learning experience centered around sustainability, food waste, and of course… insects!


After you’ve learned how fertilizer can be made from the fly poop, find out how to apply the fertilizer to your plants! Edible Garden City’s experienced farmers will bring you through a soil mixing and planting workshop. During this segment, you will learn about:

  • Identifying different soil types and types of soil mixes.

  • Soil testing – how to find out the nutrient levels and pH of soil, and the effects.

  • Properties of a good soil mix; soil fertility.

  • Soil deficiencies and troubleshooting – for instance what does it mean when your plant leaves turns yellow, and how should the soil be tweaked to fix this?

  • Organic supplements (compost, natural fertilizer, manure, BSF frass, food waste etc.).

The session also includes hands-on sessions where participants will be guided in interactive and immersive activities:

  • Interacting with black solider fly larvae.

  • Mixing their own soil to prepare for the potting of a stem cutting.

  • Propagating a plant through stem cutting, into your own soil mix. You can bring the finished product home, along with a pack of the black soldier fly compost.

In addition, participants will enjoy an abridged tour of Edible Garden City’s closed loop Queenstown farm, and learn how we as commercial growers use natural composting methods to grow food, without harming the environment.


This workshop is designed for young adults and adults aged 13 and above. Please note that the workshop will be conducted in English.


Fun @ Funan: Edible Bouquet Arrangement Workshop

February 12, 2020

Love is in the air! This Valentine’s Day, shun the imported tulips and the clichéd roses, and opt to celebrate the festival of love with a bouquet of locally-grown flowers and plants that you can admire and eat!


Edible Garden City is excited to bring back our Special Valentine’s Day Workshop, this time, partnering with Funan and lyf. Join Fun @ Funan: Edible Bouquet Arrangement Workshop, to learn the basics of floral arrangement, and assemble a beautiful bouquet of regionally-native edible plants and flowers into a glass jar for your loved ones!

Unlike ordinary bouquets, your edible flower arrangement is not just a pretty sight! Customise your masterpiece by picking your desired flowers and other add-ins from a wide selection of plants grown at Edible Garden City, and learn recipes for using the components of your bouquet in your romantic Valentine’s meals.


During this workshop, experience:

  • Basics of flower arrangement, including how to layer colours and heights etc.

  • Learn about the edible plants used to assemble your own bouquet.

  • How to use the edible flowers in the kitchen.

  • How to care for your bouquet.

During the hands-on portion, you will:

  • Pick the components of your floral arrangement from a ‘buffet spread’. All plants are grown locally at Edible Garden City!

  • Assemble a bouquet.

  • Incorporate the arrangement into a glass jar.


This workshop is recommended for young adults and adults aged 13 and above. Please note that the workshop will be conducted in English.


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