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Junior Urban Farmer NOVEMBER Holiday Programme

November 23, 2019

School’s out and the holidays are in! But that doesn’t mean that the learning has to stop. Join us as we bring the classroom outdoors with our Junior Urban Farmer NOVEMBER Holiday Programme! 

This refreshed version of our staple kids workshop is a full-day programme. Budding farmers will be able to:

🐛 Enjoy an informative and multi-sensory tour of our closed loop farm. 

🍙 Learn to prepare a nutritious farm-to-table meal with freshly harvested produce.

☀️ Experience being a real farmer by learning how to care for plants.

🧤 Get their hands dirty as they plant young vegetable seedlings into a recycled planter that they have made.

♻️ Understand the importance of caring for the environment. 

🖍️ Exercise their creativity by painting their own recycled planter with colours, designs and patterns.

🌸 Learn about edible flowers and the magic (and science) behind some cool tricks.


Let your kids discover the joys of outdoor exploration and sow seeds for a lifetime of nature appreciation! They will also get to take home the plants and crafts from the activities, to continue the learning journey beyond the workshop. Suitable for children aged 6-12 years old.

Tea Making: Growing to Brewing Workshop

November 26, 2019

Tea has been valued for generations for its rich flavour and healing properties, beyond just being a thirst-quenching refreshment. While our understanding of tea is commonly associated with Chinese tea varieties like Pu’er, English tea types like Earl Grey, or even popular beverages like Teh Ping and Ice Lemon Tea, these are just the tip of the iceberg.


Many plants that grow well locally can also be brewed into wonderful teas, some even with healing properties. Blue Butterfly Pea, Indian Borage, and even the ubiquitous Mint can be combined with hot water to amazing effect. And in this workshop, we share the knowledge of growing your own herbs and edible flowers to brew natural, non-caffeinated teas.


During this workshop, expect to learn about:

  • Different edible herbs and flowers that can be used for teas.

  • How to harvest, dry and brew plants for tea.

  • How to grow herbs such as Lemongrass, Pandan, Mint, Blue Pea Flower.

  • Learn how to pair local herbs with staple teas.

This workshop also includes a hands-on portion, where you will:

  • Brew and sample different teas grown locally and pesticide-free at our farm.

  • Use your new understanding of local herbs to combine new tea flavours to savour and share with the class.


This workshop is designed for young adults and adults aged 13 and above.


Wild - A State of Mind: Urban Forage and Gin Stories

November 29, 2019

When it comes to nature's bounty, Singapore often doesn't get the credit she deserves. But between concrete buildings and amongst perfectly manicured lawns, we can often find pockets of sweet fruits, tender leaves and fragrant herbs, waiting to be foraged. In celebration of these undiscovered gems, and in conjunction with the Asian premier screening of Botanist Gin's mini film series ‘WILD– A STATE OF MIND’, Edible Garden City and Botanist Gin are proud to present Wild - A State of Mind: Urban Forage and Gin Stories; an afternoon to inspire us to look past the concrete jungle to find a hidden food paradise.


Learn about urban foraging, while enjoying free-flow of gin-based cocktails created with local herbs and flowers by Botanist's resident bartender, and savouring canapés inspired by the best edible wild ingredients Singapore’s natural environment offers in both foraging and farming. These little bites will be prepared in an exclusive collaboration between So Sofitel and Culinary Anthropologist Nithiya Laila, founder of Brunch Bandits and host of Channel News Asia’s Edible Wild.

Edible Garden City's Founder Bjorn Low takes the mic for an exclusive sharing about urban foraging, and how urban farmers can embrace biodiversity and natural life cycles in order to grow a greater variety of crops sustainably and responsibly. As one of the trailblazers of the urban farming movement here in Singapore, he will also discuss the delicate balance between natural farming and agriculture technology, and share how Edible Garden City toes this line. Guests will also take a multi-sensory sampling tour of Edible Garden City's multi-system closed loop farm. They will be able to taste, touch, and smell plants that have been nurtured by our farmers, as well as crops that have flourished naturally and in unexpected places.

To celebrate Botanist Gin's mini film series ‘WILD– A STATE OF MIND’, there will also be an exclusive Asian premier screening of five mini documentaries featuring the gin brand’s global community of wild foragers, chefs and bartenders, including Singapore's very own Vijay from NATIVE. More information on the films can be found here.


Guests will be invited to join in the following activities:

  • Enjoying gin cocktails featuring local herbs, including a welcome drink and free-flow gin cocktails during the mingling session.

  • Opening words by Chloe Wood, Bruichladdich Distillery's Asia Pacific Brand Ambassador.

  • Sharing on urban farming and urban foraging by Bjorn Low, Co-founder of Edible Garden City.

  • Multi-sensory Farm Tour of Edible Garden City's Queenstown farm, showcasing container farming, microgreens growing, black soldier fly farming and more.

  • Canapés by So Sofitel and Chef Nithiya from Brunch Bandits and Channel NewsAsia's Edible Wild.

  • Exclusive local premier screening of The Botanist's 'WILD– A STATE OF MIND' mini film series.

  • Mingling session and optional workshop stations featuring The Botanist's Herb Planter (retailing at $95, including GST).

This event is for ages 18 and above only. We encourage guests to drink responsibly. Please consider taking public transport to and from the event. Please do not drink and drive.


CAMP Junior Urban Farmer DECEMBER Holiday Programme

December 01, 2019

Our staple Junior Urban Farmer Programme is back and better than before! Our second version of Camp Junior Urban Farmer is 3 days of farm, fun and friendship.

The budding young farmers will immerse themselves into farm life, picking up hard skills like gardening, composting and cooking, as well as soft skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. Set in our closed loop farm turned outdoor classroom, we also hope to inculcate an appreciation for nature, and a vigour for sustainability.

Our friendly and knowledgeable urban farmers will guide them through three themed-mornings:

Day 1: Let’s get our hands dirty!

  • Meet our farmers, and take a multi-sensory tour of our farm.

  • Pick up tips and tricks of gardening, from growing plants from seed to taking care of mature plants.

  • Practice their new skills in the garden.


Day 2: Feeding our planet and animal friends

  • Learn the importance of growing food responsibly.

  • Find out how to turn waste into compost.

  • Feed our chickens!

  • Get creative and turn plant material into pieces of art.


Day 3: Farm to table to tummy

  • Learn the proper way of harvesting produce.

  • Preparing a farm-to-table lunch using the produce harvested, and enjoying the meal with new friends.

  • Story-telling.

  • Tea-making and baking of cookies.


Help us empower our youths and help them open their eyes to the future while staying connected to nature and the community in a fun and educational way! Join us for Camp JUF this December! 

Suitable for children aged 4-12 years old. Sign up now! For the best learning experience for your child, only a limited number of spaces are available.


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