EDIBLE GARDEN CITY’s Queenstown Farm
is the beating heart of our social enterprise.
The biggest of the farms that we run, the Queenstown farm is not only a production space, but also a gathering space for fellow farmers, avid gardeners, and curious learners.

At the farm, we adopt a minimal-waste model of growing food, using the integration of both indoor and outdoor growing methods, paired with robust composting efforts. Everything is grown lovingly and responsibly - hand-tended, pesticide-free and with minimal waste. We aim to cultivate high-quality produce that is nutritious, fresh, local, and that helps to create positive social impact.

Discover: the produce we sell; our veggie boxthe educational tours and workshops we hold there. 

EDIBLE GARDEN CITY's 7th floor urban farm at Funan is an educational showcase of indoor and soil-based farming, as well as vertical growing and aquaculture. One of the few urban farms in Singapore open to the public, and the first urban farm to be designed into a Singapore shopping mall from the onset. It is an example of how farming can be seamlessly integrated into city living.

The Funan Urban Farm is also also shaping up to be a community space for urban farmers and volunteers from all walks of life to enjoy some farming, right in the centre of the city. Besides volunteer sessions, we also work with CapitaLand and Funan tenants on workshops and tours themed in sustainability.

More details on the Funan Urban Farm can be found here.

The Funan Urban Farm is an open-to-the-public interactive garden.
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Lam Soon Singapore has embarked on a partnership with
EDIBLE GARDEN CITY to commemorate its 70th Anniversary.

We embarked on an ambitious CSR outreach project that will support Singaporeans in growing our own food, helping create a closer connection with our food, environment and the local community. 


Lam Soon Singapore will be funding garden builds and wellness programmes in various organisations, while EGC heads the projects with our expertise. Beneficiaries include schools, elderly care centres, and rehabilitation and recovery centres. We are aligned in our passion for sustainability and community, and are excited to be working together to bring nature and farming closer to Singaporeans.


Read more about our collaboration projects here: CHIJ Kellock, Tan Tock Seng Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, Lam Soon Singapore Garden Build.

1-Arden Food Forest is an open-to-the-public sky garden with multiple themed garden beds, and unparalleled views.

Located on the 51st floor of CapitaSpring, the world’s highest edible garden offers panoramic views of the city, while boasting amazing close-ups of beautiful locally-grown produce. 

More than 130 edible varieties are grown at the 1-Arden Food Forest, spanning different themed beds like the Japanese Garden (with radish and edamame), Singapore Heritage Garden (boasting curry leaves and bananas) and the Mediterranean Garden (where rosemary and sage are thriving), amongst others.

Currently, the garden is open to the public on weekdays from 730am-1030pm (except on PHs). While you’re up in the sky, visit Kaarla or Oumi for a cocktail or a meal, to enjoy the full farm-to-table experience.