(Virtual Series) Grow Leafy Veg Workshop - Purple Pak Choy Edition

(Virtual Series) Grow Leafy Veg Workshop - Purple Pak Choy Edition

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For so many of us, leafy veggies are a staple item in our diets. Whether eaten raw in a salad or lightly stir fried – they are versatile in the kitchen and pack a nutritious punch. While commercial farms might grow them with chemical additives, leafy greens can actually be grown using organic methods right at home.


Join us for this virtual learning experience, suitable for beginner gardeners. Learn how to grow your own leafy vegetables at home, starting with the beautiful and versatile purple pak choy. Yes, it might be the fancier-looking friend, but it is anything but fussy, and actually is a great starter vegetable for green growers (pun intended).


In this workshop, our trainers will share how you can grow purple pak choy at home, and how to properly manage your soil to give all your plants the best foundation. Take what you learn here and apply it to growing other types of leafy greens too!


In this session, we’ll cover:

  • What are the nutritional and health benefits of purple pak choy.
  • How to grow and care for your plants in terms of their light and soil requirements.
  • Basic pest management.
  • Other considerations when gardening at home.
  • Ways to use purple pak choy in your dishes.
  • Hands-on time! Prepare your own planting medium and sow seeds.


Participants will grow and nurture their own purple pak choy which can be harvested in 1 months' time! All materials will be shipped to you before the workshop, so that you can grow along with our trainers!


Class sizes will be kept very small, to give a more intimate experience despite the virtualness of it all, and if this is your first virtual workshop, have no fear as we will have Learning Support on hand to provide personalised guidance, so SIGN UP NOW!


This workshop is recommended for anyone aged 18 and above. Please note that the online class will be conducted in English. For the best experience, have 2 devices: follow the programme on a laptop/desktop and have a handphone on hand for tech support & to participate in the online games.


Please choose your preferred date from the drop-down menu on the right (up to 40 pax per slot).


*Minimum 4 pax to start, up to 40 pax.


📆 11 March 2022, Friday

⏰ 5pm to 6pm

🎟️ $43 / pax, including all taxes and materials


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📧 For tour/workshop participants, you will receive an email with more information at least 2 days prior to the session. If you do not see the email, please check your junk or spam folder.

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