(Teachers' Day Special) UPSIZED FOR FAMILIES! EGC Tour and Gardening Combo

(Teachers' Day Special) UPSIZED FOR FAMILIES! EGC Tour and Gardening Combo

Kickstart your urban gardening journey as a family this Teacher's Day weekend, by immersing yourself into the EGC farm experience! Round out your visit to our Queenstown Farm with a tour and a gardening workshop! There's nothing better to unwind and relax than enjoying a fulfilling day in nature. With kids and grandparents in tow, join us for the all-new "Upsized for Families! EGC Tour and Gardening Combo".

Our kids are now learning about plants and topics like sustainability in school, whether in science class, character and citizenship education, or for the general paper. Bring learning to life as a family, and get an in-depth look into the inner workings of a running commercial farm, while picking up practical tips for home gardening!


Our Best-selling Urban Farm Tour

One of our urban farmers will bring you through our unique urban farming solution, including stops at our indoor microgreens room, outdoor gardens, and container farms. Learn about the closed-loop and minimal-waste model of growing vegetables that we adopt here in our urban farm, and how farming could be used as a platform to create a more inclusive and healthy society. Find out how we are reconnecting city dwellers with nature, and about sustainable farming systems such as regenerative agriculture and food forestry.


Hands-on Gardening Workshop

As you touch, smell and taste the vibrant flowers and leaves, take mental notes of what senses are stimulated, and envision how you might enjoy your own edible varieties for your own farm-to-table experience at home. Then take the next steps toward that vision, as our trainers bring you through a hands-on gardening workshop. Harvest your own plant cuttings, and learn how to nurture them into flourishing, life-giving, healthy adult plants. Participants will be able to bring their hands-on project (planter, potting mix, and plant cuttings) home and kickstart their edible gardening journey.


During the workshop segment, you will learn about:

  • How to grow and how to care for your plants.
  • Edible plants that propagate well by stem-cuttings.
  • Light and soil requirements.
  • Considerations when gardening at home.
  • Nutritional or culinary uses of selected edible plants.
  • Hands-on time! Prepare your own planting medium and plant cuttings in your planter.
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