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Marigolds growing at an Urban Farm in Singapore


President's Award for the Environment

Facilitating partnerships between social service agencies and corporations


Looking for a trustworthy sustainability partner to support your community engagement projects? Edible Garden City has extensive experience in organising community-focused edible gardens and gardening programmes that give back to society. We link up social service organisations (like yourselves) that serve overlooked segments of the community, with corporates looking to do good.

We have existing partnerships with:

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Halfway Houses

  • Special Needs Schools and Support Organisations

  • Voluntary Welfare Organisations

  • Government Agencies that Support Social Services

The range of activities we offer include:

  • Organisation matching between corporations and social service organisations

  • Facilitation of sponsorship for CSR partnerships

  • Design and build of edible garden, catered specially for the target group

  • Planning and conducting of therapeutic horticulture activities and other gardening-based educational sessions

Our clients and partners include Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Jia Ying Active Ageing Centre, Apex Harmony Lodge, Lions Befrienders and more.

To find out more, please reach out to us at

Elderly farming in Singapore. Therapeutic Horticulture.


Gardening is about so much more than just growing food! Edible Garden City builds gardens and creates programmes that employ gardening as the backdrop to guide participants in five aspects of holistic well-being:

  • Physical Movement

  • Social Synergy

  • Mental Engagement

  • Nutrition and Knowledge

  • Psychological well-being

Read more about the research regarding therapeutic horticulture, that has been done locally.


TTSH rehab
Tan Tock Seng Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

The Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s (TTSH) Rehabilitation Centre is encouraging its patients to increase their movement through gardening activities, so that in the process they can restore their independence and self-confidence to recover faster. 


In collaboration with Edible Garden City, a small corridor planter at the Centre was transformed into a mini edible garden. EGC teamed up with TTSH’s physiotherapists and occupational therapists to design a series of small-group workshops that would not only give participants some basic gardening skills but also help them remain active.


The simple acts of harvesting, sorting and watering provide the benefits of moving different parts of our arms and hands to carry out the activities. They simulate senses, uplift moods, promote social interactions and patient empowerment. A therapeutic and fun way of achieving rehabilitation goals through horticulture!


For knowledge sharing, EGC’s educators conducted a "Train the Trainer" programme for the group of therapists, in solidarity with TTSH’s ongoing efforts towards therapeutic gardening.

This TTSH programme would not be possible without the generous support of Lam Soon Singapore and staff at the TTSH Rehabilitation Centre.


Read more about the programme here.


Encouraging elderly to grow a love for gardening is a key point of outreach for us, as we believe that growing
our own food has a wealth of mental, physical and emotional benefits, particularly for seniors. Hence, our
teams have been working hard to impact more elderly in our community.


Our team of experienced trainers and farmers have conducted workshops for Lion's Befrienders, Active Ageing Centres as well as other senior care and activities centres and Volunteer Welfare Organisations. 

Elderly doing a nature art workshop.
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