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Learn how to grow your own food, with our suite of gardening and sustainability workshops!

Growing our own food is not just a practical skill that will keep us alive in times of crisis. There’s a mysterious and undeniable discovery of our own soul when we start to become more connected to our food. We must revive our growing traditions, and there is no time is better than now. 

From Applied Learning Programmes, learning journeys, corporate team building, to just a fun afternoon with friends, we have just the activity to suit your appetite for learning, along with a full fun farm experience!


Virtual Programmes

Looking for a unique and engaging virtual team bonding session? Let our farmers bring you on an interactive journey through our farm, along with hands-on gardening experiences.

Reach out to us for your learning journey and corporate team bonding needs!

The farm is just a click away! Contact us at for more details.

Browse the grid below for a summary of each programme item, and download our brochure below for more details.


We host enriching, educational nature-based workshops for schools, corporates and private groups, both physically and virtually.

Programmes here are suitable for upper primary to post-secondary schools, educators, corporates and interest groups that want a more in-depth tour and study of the future of food security and sustainability in agriculture. Includes a tour of our indoor microgreens room,  outdoor gardens, container farms and more. Our events hall is also available for private rental, and can accommodate up to 150 pax.

For public - We also run weekend workshops that individuals can attend. Sessions like the basics of organic farming, microgreens growing, eco-enzymes making and more! Check our Facebook page regularly for workshop announcements.  Or click onto our Happenings to sign up for the latest workshops now! 



Nothing inspires us more than working with students and creating excitement about food and nature. We have worked with multiple schools - from preschools to tertiary - creating learning journeys, workshops, as well as designing & teaching farming curriculums. Most of our school projects start with creating a food garden (with participation from the students) all the way to packing and selling produce at the school’s farmers market.

Here are some photos of schools we have worked with to build gardens and create farming curriculums. 



To find out more,

And we will respond within 5 business days.


"It was a pleasant experience with

interactions that felt natural and organic, and I
think participants genuinely enjoyed themselves
and hope to join more of such activities."

— Man Wei, SayurStory


“... the virtual farm tour, presentation, and Q&A sessions were well-planned and conducted. We were impressed by how there were no technical glitches/drop-offs despite it being a live session.


Kudos to the team for ensuring the experience was smooth and engaging throughout for everyone."

— DBS & POSB Communities

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