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Citizen Box Subscription (12 Week Subscription)

Citizen Box Subscription (12 Week Subscription)

Citizen Box is a weekly subscription box that is full of healthy, sustainably-grown greens for you and your family. Locally-grown, safe and pesticide-free produce that you can trust!


Your box includes leafy greens, fruiting veggies or mushrooms, microgreens and herbs! Each week, you will receive at least 7 units of mixed produce, consisting of:​

  • Leafy greens / Asian leafys: 1-3 varieties
  • Fruiting veggies / Mushrooms: 2-3 varieties
  • Microgreens: 3-4 varieties
  • Culinary Herbs: 1 variety
  • Fruits, edible flowers and medicinal varieties: Bonus!​


The contents of the box varies by the week to bring you produce that is growing well for the week, and to introduce interesting varieties and diversity for you!



Package Details:

  • Includes 12 weeks of produce
  • Includes 2 Citizen Box cooler bags*

  • Includes GST

  • Excludes delivery surcharge (Home delivery is available at a surcharge of $12.50 per trip w/o GST)


Upfront payment is required, for us to buy seeds, soil and other materials we need to grow the produce for your Citizen Box. For Citizen Box produce pictures, please visit





New subscribers are given 2 reusable Citizen Box cooler bags that will be used interchangeably during the course of the subscription. Previous or existing subscribers with Citizen Box cooler bags will have $20 waived from their fees. (Price before GST; each cooler bag priced at $10).

  • Home delivery is available for a surcharge of $12.50 per trip (before GST).

    Delivery days are Wednesdays only (may be shifted when it is a public holiday).  Deliveries will arrive between 1000 and 1600.

    Apologies that we are unable to specify exact timings as deliveries are planned according to locations for the day.

    Upfront payment for delivery is required.

  • Following the payment, you will be asked to fill in an order form (if you have not already).

    Subsequently, one of our farmers will contact you via WhatsApp regarding the start date of your Citizen Box subscription.

    Got questions? Contact us at

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