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President's Award for the Environment

Delight your guests, with fresh, local and tasty produce for your farm-to-table needs.

Farm-to-table doesn't have to be a farfetched concept. Our experienced team at Edible Garden City have collectively more than 100 years of food growing experience, and we specialise in regional, naturalised and native edibles, grown naturally and with social employment in mind.

Browse the various options recommended for your organisation:

Fresh & Local Produce Sales

Design & Build an Edible Garden

Other Hospitality Needs



Fresh and Local Produce from EGC

Our farmers grow premium, pesticide-free produce locally,  specialising in fragrant herbs and vibrant flowers, to help you on your farm-to-table journey.


Our freshly-harvested farm herbs, edible flowers and greens have been supplied to more than 220 dining establishments across Singapore, from local cafés to Michelin-starred restaurants. All our harvest is grown at two farms - our HQ in Queenstown, and our heart-of-the-city rooftop farm at Raffles City. 


Download our latest October 2023 catalogue and email us at to enquire!

Our customers include:

1-Atico, 1-Garage, Alkaff Mansion, Alma by Juan Amador, Atlas Bar, Canchita, Chef's Table, Chinoiserie, Common Man Coffee Rosters, Fiamma, Flutes, Four Seasons Hotel, Gaggan x Mandala Club, JW Marriott Singapore South Beach, Kaarla & Oumi, Level 33, Marina Bay Sands, Merci Marcel, Monti @ 1-Pavilion, Moonbow, Nesuto Patisserie, Open Farm Community, Regent Hotel, Restaurant Art, Restaurant Labyrinth, River House, Rosemead, Sommer Restaurant, Sourbombe Artisanal Bakery, The Halia, The Summerhouse, Tippling Club, Tung Lok Private Dining, VUE Skybar & Grill, and more.

Shangri-la Hotel
Shangri-la Hotel
Restaurant Labyrinth
Open Farm Community
Open Door Policy
Open Farm Community
Jamie Oliver Kitchen
Open Door Policy
Open Door Policy
Hospitality Fresh & Local Produce Sales
Hospitality Design & Build an Edible Garden


Is sustainability a core concept of your venue? If you've got an alfresco space with a bit of sunlight, let's have a chat on how we could enliven the area, create a productive herb garden and invite some biodiversity as well!

We design, build and maintain gardens for top hospitality venues that pride themselves on using quality, fresh and sustainable produce.

To view some of the projects that we have completed, please head over to our Key Projects & Edible Gardens page, or browse photos of some of the F&B-focused gardens we've built below.

If you'd like to learn more, send us an email at with photos of the location(s) in mind. Some factors we look out for, for a best chance at a healthy and productive garden include:

  • Amount of sunlight (lots of it needed!)

  • Water point availability (for irrigation & watering)

  • Good airflow and accessibility (for movement of soil and maintenance on a day-to-day basis).


Most projects require a lead time of 3-6 months.



If you have other questions or enquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at, or complete the enquiry form here.

We also offer a range of programmes and events and have partnered with organisations that have an ongoing relationship with Edible Garden City to activate their spaces.

Additionally, we have a range of corporate workshops, if you would like to engage your hotel guests or diners in nature-based activities.

Hospitality Other Hospitality Needs
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