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President's Award for the Environment

Want to have an edible garden or urban farm? Work with us to accelerate the learning process. We can provide insight into how to have a healthy garden for teaching & learning today!

Working with edible plants takes many forms - ALP, VIA, CCE, CCA, for Uplift / Gear Up, Eco-stewardship, integration into the curriculum and more. We conduct learning journeys and have established programmes that will help you make edible gardening effective for students and staff.

Since 2012, we have taught more than 10,000 students from primary schools, secondary schools and institutes of higher learning.

In the area of edible gardens and urban farming, we can:

  • Run edible gardening & urban farming workshops and learning journeys

  • Work with you to potentially help integrate an existing edible garden into your curriculum

  • Help you design, build and maintain an edible garden

Browse the various options recommended for your school:

Workshops & Programmes

Build Your Own Edible Garden

Educational and Nature-based School Programmes


Educational and Nature-based School Programmes

Join us for workshops or programmes! Students and teachers have given especially great feedback for the following:

  • Farm Tours: A snapshot into farming right in the heart of our city. A multi-sensory tour experience, featuring our unique closed-loop farming solution

  • Microgreens: A quick and easy way to get started on your edible gardening journey

  • Basic Maintenance Programme: If you've build an edible garden with us, we have a 5-session package to help build gardening confidence and sense of ownership for staff.

We also have other workshops that cover a range of activities and skills, including eco-art, composting, transplanting, a tailor-made Gear Up programme and more. 

Get in touch with us today at to enquire about our school-based programmes. Alternatively, submit an enquiry form.

Schools - Workshops & Programmmes
Schools Build Your Own Edible Garde


Ready to go bigger on sustainability? Engage us today to build a beautiful edible garden be it for biodiversity, sustainability, science, CCE, CCA or student engagement. You can have an outdoor classroom for authentic learning.

If you'd like to learn more, do email us with photos of the location(s) in mind. Some typical items we look for are:

  • Sunlight (lots of it needed!)

  • Water point (for irrigation & watering)

  • Good airflow

  • Accessibility (for logistics of soil bag movement, and maintenance on a day-to-day basis).

  • Also (critical!), do keep in mind who is going to use the garden, and who will take ownership of maintenance

For reference, projects require a lead time of between 3 to 6 months, so write in today!

To view some of the school projects that we have completed, please head over to our Key Projects & Edible Gardens page, or browse photos of some of our school gardens below.

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