Learn how to grow your own food, with our suite of gardening and sustainability workshops,
designed for student and educators!

Kickstart your school's sustainability journey with Edible Garden City! 

We design and conduct learning journeys, Applied Learning Programmes, Eco-stewardship programmes and other gardening skills-based training for students, educators and school staff.

Growing our own food is not just a practical skill. The increased connection will nature can also impart valuable life skills that children and youth will use as the foundation for a more social and environmentally-conscious lifestyle in their adult years.


Since 2012, we have taught more than 10,000 students from primary schools, secondary schools and institutes of higher learning.

Our trainers include teachers and trainers who are:

  • Former Ministry of Education Vice Principals

  • Experienced in corporate training, with professional corporate training backgrounds

  • Certified in horticulture, and with teaching qualifications

  • Fluent in English and Mother Tongue languages, and experienced in conducting classes in English and other languages

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Most of our school projects start with creating a food garden (with participation from the students). Build a strong foundation for nature-education within your school. We offer edible garden design and build, with the complementary Basic Maintenance Programme. 

Edible Garden Design and Build

  • Our team of landscape designers will help you transform a suitable plot within your school compound into an edible garden that doubles up as a lively outdoor classroom 

  • The process briefly:

    1. A plot or a combination of plots are identified within the school​

    2. Our team of landscape designers will conduct a site visit to understand the intended purpose of the garden, the school's needs and the site conditions

    3. A plan will be proposed and presented to your school, with customisations done where possible as requested

    4. Once the design and other considerations are finalised, construction can begin.

Basic Maintenance Programme

  • We recommend a Basic Maintenance Programme for all gardens, to ensure that the farm remains productive and a conducive learning and teaching space for students and educators

  • Maintenance will be recommended based on the needs of the garden

  • Maintenance training can also be provided upon request

  • Our team will also be able to work with you to formulate other complementary nature-based education programming.

To view some of the school projects that we have completed, please head over to our Edible Gardens projects page, or browse photos of some of our school gardens below.

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Nature-based education has become a key aspect of the curriculum in mainstream schools in Singapore, with environmental education integrated into primary and secondary school teachings. Reference: Parliamentary Response by MP Mr Louis Ng.

Edible Garden City offers two types of eco-learning, for a greater variety of skills and values learning objectives. They are the: Students Programme and the Uplift Programme.

Students Programme

  • Aims to equip students with practical gardening and other complementary skills (such as composting, pest management and fertilisation)

  • Inculcates a love and appreciation for nature, through environmental education and hands-on interaction with plants and garden creatures like beneficial insects

  • Enables students to visualise and better understand science and general knowledge concepts, like botany or food resilience, through contextualised learning.

Uplift Programme

  • Specially-designed to help students build confidence in themselves and in their social interactions, through nature-based experiences

  • Inculcates a love and appreciation for nature, through environmental education and hands-on interaction with plants and garden creatures like beneficial insects

  • Aims to equip students with basic gardening skills

We are able to offer programmes conducted in the convenience of your school, or an immersive farm experience at our farm at Queenstown.