Therapeutic horticulture is much more than just gardening. Edible Garden City builds gardens and creates programmes that employ gardening as the backdrop to guide participants in five aspects of holistic well-being:

  • Physical Movement

  • Social Synergy

  • Mental Engagement

  • Nutrition and Knowledge

  • Psychological well-being


Edible Garden City has embarked on a holistic Therapeutic Horticulture and Care Farming initiative, to help alleviate social issues faced by Singapore's fast-ageing population.


The initiative includes software and hardware elements, from garden builds to gardening programmes, and will also include research and training elements.

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Gardening has incredible physical, mental and emotional benefits, and has been scientifically proven to improve the health and well-being of everyone from stressed-out office workers to the elderly.

Over the past few years, Edible Garden City  has worked with the National University of Singapore and the National Parks Board on a series of studies investigating the effects of habitual gardening on elderly with early-stage dementia.


Results showed that gardening had positive emotional, mental and physiological impact on participants. The company has also observed anecdotal evidence of improved spirits and social wellbeing amongst socially employed adults with autism spectrum disorder and low-income seniors in other elderly gardening programmes. 

Read more about the research regarding therapeutic horticulture, that has been done locally.

Watch this space, as we share more about our therapeutic horticulture projects with you!